Beginners Group B2R

Beginners classes

Want to get better at running? Or if you are looking to make a positive physical and mental change, then whether you have never run in your life or are a lapsed runner, we are here to tell you, you can! 

We will support you through our fun, friendly, staffed beginners programme and build your fitness and confidence with every session. You can become a 5k runner in as little as 10 weeks with your commitment and our coaching. Yes, YOU! 

Your first session is completely FREE, so come along and try us out. The time to start your running journey is now.

Where better to start than your own local running club? Find your Nearest Club or Contact Us for more information to find out when your nearest club’s Beginners classes start.

I couldn't run for 2 mins when I first joined, I can now run 5k, I will never look back! Claire Welfare

Already a Runner?

Our clubs are suitable for runners of any ability from 5k to 10k and cover all types of terrain depending on the venue, time of year and what’s planned for the session.

We focus on getting better at running as a team! We make sure the sessions are fun and friendly and no matter what your ability we start and finish each run together. 

Your first session is FREE, so come along and give us a try. Find your local club or contact us for more information.

Find your Nearest Club or Contact Us for more information

  • Club locations: 25
  • Team Leaders: 160
  • Number of runs a week: 50