Paddock Wood

At Beginners2Runners - Paddock Wood we look forward to every Monday and Thursday when we meet up for a good run with our running family, chatt­ing away, looping ba­ck to make sure we stick together and fo­rgetting about all the problems and enjo­ying the moment. We make sure we occasio­nally finish our ru­ns at the pub or the coffee shop and we love our social run club.

0-5k Beginners Courses held throughout the year
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Running groups
Every Monday & Thursday @ 19:30

Address: Paddock Wood Primary School, Old Kent Road, Paddock Wood, TN12 6JE

To start your running journey with us, please join our B2R Facebook Group by clicking the link below.
Your first session with us is FREE, for information on Memberships, please refer to our What Next section.
Your Club Manager, will approve you into the group, send you a Private Message, (pls check your Facebook message requests), and answer any further questions you may have.
Have a look around, see what we get up to and we look forward to meeting with you.

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