Leybourne is a social club that runs, we are known as the Leybourne nutters within Beginners2Runners. This is because we have members from all walks of life, all shapes and sizes but we are all there together to run. If you’ve never run before or you have before a while back but want to get back into it there is a group run suitable for you. The beginners will take you from 0-5K then from there your options vary from working on distance, speed or simply staying with the 5K group, it really up to you and what you fancy on the night. We have a team of welcoming and experienced team leaders to help you on your running journey, they can talk sports bras, technique or no nonsense to get you through a tough run. Most importantly we are all about having fun while we run! Running on both Mondays and Wednesdays.

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Address: The Old Rectory Pub, Oxley Shaw Lane, Leybourne ME19 5QL
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