Beginners 2 Runners – The Social Club With A Running Addiction


We are pioneers in our approach to running as we create runners and then work with them to achieve their goals. No matter whether you have never so much as worn a pair of trainers we will work with you on our beginners programme to become a 5k runner in as little as 10 weeks. Then you will be able to run with us on our safe, staffed runs where we continually develop your running skills with you.

Our run walk interval training has proved extremely successful and many many people who could not run for more than 1 min are now running 5k and beyond. Our classes have an exciting atmosphere as every session people amaze themselves with their own achievements. Above all we have fun, nobody is ever left behind and no matter whether you are 10 stone over weight, have chronic depression or low self-esteem we will work with you to have fun. We will give you the confidence to be part of a sport and amaze yourself at what you are capable of doing.

Please take a chance and make the best decision of your life.

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